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Draco Engineering was founded to provide technical engineering services to building owners and other design professionals to keep physical facilities operating cost effectively. Focused on industrial and institutional properties, real world engineering experience is used with sound engineering principals to find solutions for our clients. Draco partners with its clients providing hands on engineering expertise. We understand there is a difference between how things are drawn and how they are built, theory vs. reality. Good engineering work requires study of the problem before performing calculations. At Draco Engineering we know the total structural process from design through completion. We are uniquely suited to help clients find cost-effective engineering options.

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As a Structural PE Engineer, Steve Bruening has unique insight into the total structural process from design through construction completion for Industrial buildings. Starting at age 15 as a laborer working for his father’s contracting firm his construction career evolved to a project manager managing numerous major projects. He knows construction from the ground up. Since obtaining his B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Nebraska, he has been involved in a broad range of engineering services primarily in the industrial building sector. He has worked extensively with other engineering disciplines finding structural solutions for supporting equipment, refrigeration and steam piping, remedial repairs of deteriorated structures and investigating structural failures. As part of a team of engineers, he conducted numerous physical condition and due diligence surveys nationwide of food processing, cold storage and rendering facilities covering the areas of structural and civil engineering, and building envelope and roofing. Mr. Bruening has designed numerous structural modifications and complete roof replacements for operating production and cold storage facilities. Since founding Draco Engineering in 2005, he has worked with building owners and other professionals on a wide range of structural engineering matters and building projects from industrial plants to historic buildings.

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